Sunday, June 22, 2014

Days Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten...

The past few days I have been busy...
both preparing for girls camp and drinking lots of water.
of the last five days...four of them I have had at least 68 fluid ounces
One day I only got in 48 ounces

But in the last 10 days this is what has happened
I am not as tired in the day
I have had more energy to clean my house
YES....I still need to make more bathroom trips
My skin on my face feels softer (in defense I am using my moisturizer more...but I was using it regularly without the water...they seem to be working together, better than it did just on its own)
I am not as hungry
My natural thirst for water has returned

My goal in challenging myself to water was to drink 101 ounces a day (per article I read) and see the results after 28 days.  I am not up to that 101 ounces yet...
However I was only consuming 20-40 ounces a day
And in 10 days I have significantly increased it
So I still have the same goal
It just might take me a month to get to that day ONE of the Challenge
But I am going to keep recording my progress with water...

This is my 10 days on Water pic:
The picture can't really translate the feel of my skin on my face.  But I have noticed the deep lines on my forehead that have been there since my mid 20's are a little less defined.  I can't stand if that is the only improvement with is worth it to me!

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