Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day Two

I didn't realize this would be so difficult.
It will take me more than 28 days evidently to drink 101 ounces of water for 28 days straight.  But yesterday was a good start to getting my mind set on the idea of more water and going in the right direction.

I drank about 40 ounces (maybe 50...there was a glass I think I missed counting)
What I noticed:
Obviously...a lot more trips to the little girl's room.
And...I slept better last night.
Although I did have crazy dreams...but we are not going to correlate water with them.

So here goes day two...I will report back...

Did great today!
I did it and a little more.
120 ounces of water today.
Lots of potty breaks.
But I think I over did it....
Horrible burping and stomach pain when I ate dinner out.
Thinking I better stick to 101 and spread them out better through the day.
I have 22 ounce cup and that really helps...since I only have to drink 5 of those.

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