Monday, June 16, 2014

Day Four

Not sure how long it will take to consistently get me to 101 ounces.  But what I can say this week is that I have consistently been drinking at least 64 fluid ounces.  Before I was drinking maybe 20-40 ounces.  So I am pleased with this progress.  And again even though it will take me more than 28 days to do the "28 day" water challenge...  I am ok with that because I am making great progress.

So things I have noticed:

I am definitely sleeping better
I have my natural thirst back
I am less hungry throughout the day
It is less difficult to get the water down, my body wants water
I am more regular and imagine that will just keep getting better (I usually am not)

Obviously I have to use the restroom more, and that is slightly inconvenient but with all the upsides of what I am doing, I can live with that.

Now if I could abandon my sweet tooth too...Imagine the progress I could make!!!

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